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Exploring the State of the Art in Visual SLAM for Robotics
April 11, 2024

Recent advancements in Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (V-SLAM) technologies have significantly enhanced the capabilities of robotic systems. Our latest...

(TIP24) Approaching unrestricted and full rotation head pose estimation!
March 21, 2024

We are delighted to share our newest publication in the IEEE Transaction on Image Processing. In this paper, we tackle...

AutoKoWaT Milestone-Meeting at ZBS in Ilmenau
February 07, 2024

The AutoKoWaT project team met at the Zentrum für Bild und Signalverarbeitung (ZBS) in Ilmenau for a milestone meeting reinforcing...

(WACV24) Our Research Work Reaches Hawaii!
January 06, 2024

Our recent research on eye contact detection for human-robot interaction was accepted by WACV24 and presented at the conference in...

Project Meeting at LUCAS in Jena
October 09, 2023

On October 9, 2023, the project partners from ZBS, MartinMechanic, LUCAS, and OVGU convened in Jena.

(ISC23) On contextual perception of workers in complex production environments
September 08, 2023

We present our recent work on contextual perception in complex production environments at the 60th Ilmenau Scientific Colloquium 08 September...

(VISAPP23) Sentiment-based Engagement Strategies for intuitive Human-Robot Interaction
March 06, 2023

I present our recent work on sentiment-based engagement strategies for mobile robots at VISAPP2023 in Lissabon, Portugal.

Project Meeting at MartinMechanic in Nagold
February 08, 2023

08 February 2023 in Nagold, Germany

(ICIP22) 6D Rotation Representation For Unconstrained Head Pose Estimation
October 20, 2022

We present a novel method for robust head post estimation at the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing 2022.

Kickoff meeting at NIT (OvGU) in Magdeburg
October 10, 2022

10 October 2022 in Magdeburg, Germany